Ideas For Synced Stickies

I want to share stickies between my Mac and my PC.

Having the stickies on the web would mean I could see stuff from anywhere.

I'd really like to be able to see stickies on my Palm too (I could sync the web page to AvantGo).

Here are some ideas of things I could make to join it all together.

  • Make use of existing stickies apps (Mac Stickies, Zhorn Stickies on Windows)
    • colours
    • styled text
  • but add a sync button to upload changes to a web site
    • the sync button could live on a sticky "well"
    • auto-sync every n minutes
  • creating new sticky on another machine will create new a sticky in the well
    • can drag out onto desktop
    • sticky positions are individual to a computer
      • need to be 'cos of different screen sizes etc.
  • web site shows organised stickies (like sticky store in Zhorn Stickies)
  • see this article for mac stickies db format