Barnet Summer League

This is the wiki for the SHAW 4 Team in the 2005 Barnet Summer League.

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We are team 4 in Division 2.

Team members:
click a name to see contact details -- password protected to prevent spamming

Matches are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Barnet Table Tennis Centre.

There is a one-off charge for each team member of 1.50 and a per-night charge of 3 each (you only pay when you play).

Fixture list

  • All matches start at 8pm sharp.
  • Please read through the dates and edit this page to either:
    • confirm that you can play by adding (./), shown as yes, after your name
    • or put your name in the "Can't play" column (removing it from the "Playing" column if necessary)
  • If you can see any blanks on a date that you can make -- please volunteer yourself and fill in your name
    • If you can't decipher the table below, just add a comment here saying which date you'd like to play happy smiley
  • I've tried to spread the games evenly with the same number of games each
Match dateOpponentsPlayingCan't play
Thu May 19SHAW 2Adam, Chris, Roy 
Tue May 24Herts Uni BAdam, Andy, Chris 
Tue May 31Kidston BAdam, Freddie, Chris 
Tue Jun 07Exiles DChris, Alan, Roy 
Tue Jun 14Exiles CAdam, Chris, Bob Ward 
Wed Jun 22Hadley WoodChris, Alan, Roy 
Tue Jun 28MayfieldAndy, Alan, Bob Crafts 
04 Jul-08 Julno match  
Thu 14 JulSHAW 2Andy yes, Chris yes, otherAdam, Alan, Freddie, Roy
Thu 21 JulHerts Uni BAlan?, Andy yes, Chris yesAdam, Roy, Freddie
Wed 27 JulKidston BAlan yes, Andy yes, otherAdam, Chris, Roy, Freddie
Tue 02 AugExiles DAndy yes, Bob Ward, otherAdam, Alan, Chris, Freddie, Roy
Tue 09 AugExiles CRoy yes, Gerry LiveseyAdam, Alan, Andy, Chris, Freddie
Thu 18 AugHadley WoodAndy yes, Roy yes, John StockAdam, Alan, Chris, Freddie
Thu 25 AugMayfieldChris yes, Roy yes, otherAdam, Alan, Andy, Freddie
29 Aug-02 Sepno match  
05 Sep-09 SepSemi-final  
12 Sep-15 SepFinal  

Out-of-date Excel version


Unfortunately, Adam has twisted his ankle on holiday and can't make any more matches this season! I've put some suggested replacements in the table above and I'll call round to make sure the italicised people can make the matches -- Adam

We seem to be a bit accident prone -- Alan Hamblin has now damaged his knee and can't play for the rest of the season -- Adam